Snow Much Fun Blog Hop!

I'm linking up with some of my new blogging buddies today for a blog hop that is SNOW much fun!! (Pretty appropriate for the snow that's going to be dumped on CT, and the rest of New England this week!!)

Today I want to share how we beat the winter blues in my classroom! Living and teaching in Connecticut, we spend a LOT of time indoors this time of year. As I'm sure you all know - it gets to us. It gets to the teachers, and it gets to the kids. So how do I keep the kiddos (and myself!) from going crazy?

Fun Projects.
One project I did last winter was inspired by the pin that led me to this amazing blog post from Primary Punch.

We wrote about what would happen if we woke up one day and we were trapped in a snow globe! Then we assembled our projects just like the picture...I took the kids pictures, they assembled the picture and background and we added some snow. They got SUPER creative with this, and loved the end result!


If you are a teacher, and you do not know about this most fabulous, sanity-saving resource, RUN! Do not walk! To
We in Room 6 are BIG fans of
Indoor Recess MegaMixes

Pop See Ko and ANYTHING by the hilarious dudes of Koo Koo Kangaroo

Kitty High Five

AirTime Space! We love this super-calming, deep-breathing one!

Roam The Room
Read the Room, Write the Room, Solve the Room - it goes by many-a-name, but we in room 6 call it "Roam the Room." We. Love. Them. I do a TON of these for math. Put some independent practice or a review on some task cards, slap 'em up around the room, and watch your kids be engaged in practice but MOVING their bodies! Incorporating movement around this time of year is CRUCIAL for us to not go stir-crazy! :o) Check out my 3-digit addition & subtraction Roam The Room HERE!

Blizzard BINGO
Now, what happens when the inevitable snow day comes along? Or...DUN DUN DUN...multiple snow days in a row?! A few years back, we had back-to-back blizzards up here in CT, and we had no school for a week. I made a Blizzard BINGO and emailed it to my parents. The response was AWESOME. It kept kiddos busy, kept 'em learning and reading, and entertained them for a little while to get keep 'em from driving mom & dad crazy! I usually offer some sort of incentive, like 3 extra points on a spelling test, or a trip to the Prize Box, if they complete a certain number of squares.

You can find that freebie by clicking on the cover below!!

Like I said earlier in my post, we are expecting LOTS of snow in the next few days, so I've made a Blizzard BINGO freebie for you! :o)
Email it to your kids, use it as a homework for the week, or use it with your own little ones!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Click the picture to hop over to Susie's blog, The Panicked Teacher, next!! :o)


  1. Hi Emily! I love the idea of having a blizzard bingo that you can email to parents on snow days. What a great way to keep them learning and keep them entertained. Especially on those snow days that are really icy and disgusting, it can be a long day stuck in the house.

    The Math Maniac

  2. Hi Emily! Love your Blizzard Idea! I know your students' parents appreciate you!

  3. I love your Roam the Room idea! I think I may try this soon in my class! I usually just have them in a center, but I like this idea since they will be up and moving and engaged. Thank you for sharing!!!

  4. I also live and teach in Connecticut. Hello, neighbor! I'm sure, like me, you are at home today watching LOTS of snow fall! We roam the room a lot. I like the Blizzard Bingo idea! I've never thought of using something like that. Thanks!
    Laughter and Consistency


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