Dare to Dream! #TpTSellerChallenge

This week's #TpTSellerChallenge is DARE TO DREAM!! 

I definitely have big dreams for my TpT journey, and without further ado...

> Student Loans: seem to be a pretty common thread throughout the TpT dreams I've seen...I went to a private college for undergrad, which left me with a sizeable chunk of student debt. I'd love to see TpT help me pay those off faster!

> Travel!!: another TpT Dream Theme! I would love to go to Vegas for the TpT/I Teach 2nd conferences and I'd LOVE to do an educator training at the Ron Clark Academy. Other than traveling for teaching, I want to see so many places in this world! I'm dying to visit some friends down in New Orleans, and my biggest travel dream is Australia!! I've gotta see the Great Barrier Reef up close!

> Give: I'd love to give more to so many different organizations and people. So many. I hope that one day, TpT can help me do that!

> Someday: I'm a youngin'. I'm only 26. I have some savings, but I would love to see my TpT ventures to help me grow my future. I'd love to buy a house, have my dream wedding, go on an incredible honeymoon, and even be able to stay home with kids for a while. (I could never go full-time TpT-at-Home-Mom! I give SO much credit to those who do!)

This challenge has DEFINITELY lit a fire somewhere inside me! My creative juices are flowing, I'm working hard, and I've edited and added quite a few things to my store in the last week or so! THANK YOU Jen, Amber, Emily & Ashley for hosting this challenge, and helping to inspire me!! :o)


  1. Love these goals!! I would also love to get to the TPT Conferences and the Ron Clark Academy!! They would be such amazing experiences!

  2. I hope you can go to The Ron Clark Academy one day! I went in January and it was the most life changing experience! Best of luck with all of your dreams! :)
    Mrs. Masters’ Kinder Love

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  4. I love the idea of going to The Ron Clark Academy or the Vegas conferences! I almost went to the Vegas conference this summer, but one of my really good friends is getting married (and I bought a house) and I wasn't able to make it. :(

    Nichole from A Learning Moment

  5. I hope you get a chance to make it to any of the Vegas conferences. It is such a blast to hang out with so many talented teachers. TpT has definitely helped me fund my trip this year. I hope to save enough to attend the I Teach 1st next year. Fingers crossed! Good luck!

    The Super Sparkly Teacher

  6. I would love to have my student loans paid off! What a great way to use TpT money.

  7. LOVE your goal of being able to give back with some of your earnings! That's definitely one of my goals too :)


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