A Jumbo-Pack of Five For Friday

My blogging has NOT been up to par. I blame it on camp craziness. And summer making me feel lazy. And the fact that since camp has ended, I've been in my classroom FAR too much, coming home and crashing. Alas! Here I am! I have a few other posts to catch up on so here they are, all inside this Mega-Stuffed Five for Friday...on Saturday!

My LONG OVERDUE Slant box reveal!!
I was paired up to give to Beth from Morrow In The Middle and I had such find finding bright, sunshine-y things to send her! 

I was paired to receive from Jennifer from Stories and Songs in Second and she sent me the. best. slant box. EVER. Seriously! She spoiled me! :o)  Take a peek!

I opened my box up to find this...

Fun post-its and notepads and SCENTOS!! PEOPLE! I can NEVER find Scentos and after reading so much and hearing people gush about them, I've been dying to try them! THANK YOU JENNIFER!

She also put these things in two of those awesome lime green mini-crates that go PERFECTLY in my library! You rock, Jennifer!

This sweet little chalkboard was included with some paint pens so I whipped this up! :o) There's a silver clothespin I have we'll clip to the side!

This sweet little cup with one of my favorite sayings on it!

PETE!! Jennifer and I share a love for Pete the Cat, as I'm sure most teachers do, but these made my day!

And this sweet little bit of sunshine which is sitting in my bedroom as I type! :o)

THANK YOU JENNIFER! for an AWESOME Slant box! I hope Beth loves hers as much as I loved yours!

It was so great getting to know these lovely ladies and I'll definitely be participating in SLANT boxes in the future!

My monthly reading logs are up in my TpT store! Click here to go grab them for $1.00 til the end of the weekend!
Anyone else HATE chalk? I hate it. It's dusty, it's messy and it gets all over everything. Sadly, we only have chalkboards in my school. BUT! I asked my principal if I could take matters into my own hand and he agreed! Thursday, I took a foam roller to my chalkboard and upgraded this baby to a whiteboard! I used Rustoleum's White Board paint kit, and so far, I LOVE how it turned out! Now, I can't write on it til Monday morning, so that will be the moment of truth, but doesn't it look great?!

I've been working like a dog in my classroom. Here are some sneak peeks! Full reveal will come on Tuesday during Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week!

I think I've mentioned my half brother and sister before. They're twins. They're *almost* 18 and they graduated from high school in June. On Thursday, I hugged 'em, and squeezed 'em and gave them older sisterly advice as my dad and stepmom took them down to South Carolina, where they will be freshman at Coastal Carolina University!

A 7 year age gap between us is pretty big, but I'm close with them, especially my sister! I miss them already!!

That's all for now!! I've got a big weekend - going to see a Keith Urban concert tonight and heading to see Fiddler on the Roof tomorrow. A "last hurrah" weekend I suppose - teachers at my school go back on Thursday!! Say it ain't so!


  1. The white board looks great! We only have chalkboards in my school as well and I don't know why I never considered DIY-ing it into something I can actually use.

    Paiges of Learning

  2. Your whiteboard does look good. I sure hope it works!! Have a great year!

    My Carolina Classroom


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