Awareness, Acceptance and Love

You might know that this month is a month of awareness – for many causes. One of these is very near and dear to my heart. For the kiddos who have to work a little harder to learn. For the kiddos who might need a little extra help getting there. They WILL get there. On their own time. For the kiddos who just happened to be born with an extra chromosome. It’s Down syndrome awareness month!

I’ve written about camp before. I love my camp. It’s the happiest place on earth - Even over Disney :o) At camp, I’ve been blessed to work with so many kids who have a wide variety of needs. I’ve been blessed to work with, to know, to love a number of kiddos who are – chromosomally enhanced. They are some of the most incredible little people that I know.

For E, who pretends to be a tough guy, but is really just a big softie. Whose hugs are once in a blue moon, but are the best kind. For F, who’s sass is unprecedented, and who’s joy is contagious. For M, who plays a mean game of Duck, Duck, Goose and who can turn on the charm like no other. For M, who’s progress awes and inspires me. For Y, who has taught me so much, and who’s little voice I’ll always love to hear sing Frozen. For R, who’s impressions of Cookie Monster are on point, and who’s got some killer dance moves for the Hokey Pokey.

For K. My buddy. Sweet, spunky, sassy, STRONG, K. Who’s little voice told me, “I love you more!” just this morning. Who is one of the kindest kids I’ve ever met. Who is one of the best helpers (seriously) that I’ve ever had. Who’s loyalty amazes me. Who’s love I’m lucky to have. Who is finding her voice. Who’s hard work and perseverance is untouchable. Who’s stubbornness is nearly as such. Who’s got the best Elsa voice I’ve ever heard. Who’s long hugs (with the pat on the back) can turn my day around. Who amazes and inspires me more than she’ll ever know.

October is about awareness and acceptance. Because friends don’t let friends count chromosomes.

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