Little Bit Of Love

Ahh, the month of love is upon us! I've been racking my brain (and Pinterest) for a cute Valentine to give my munchkins this year. Last year, I went the no-food route and did this...

Got my kiddos cute Valentine pencils and some fun pens, attached them to the cards, and
BOOM! Done!

 (These are just an example...Crayola glitter markers. Found 'em last week. Thanks, Target!) 

You can snag this Valentine freebie in my TpT store by clicking on the picture below! (Keep scrolling for an EXCLUSIVE blog follower freebie!)

BUT this year, I decided to go another route. Valentines for my munchkins are inspired by this pin:

So I gathered up my supplies...
I searched in honestly 6 different stores for heart krazy straws. Even Amazon has forsaken me! They are no where to be found! :o(

Made a little tag, and assembled my easy-peasy Valentines in about 20 minutes!

I'm usually the one putting together my Valentines the night before...or worse, that morning! BUT thanks to a snow day, and some thinking ahead, I'm DONE and they're ready to be passed out!

Click here to snag this tag for your little Valentines, among many others!!

What do you do for Valentines? Do you do something different every year, or do you have an old reliable?

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