Blogging, Take 3?

I’ve tried to get into the blogosphere a couple of times but it’s crashed and burned. I’m a lurker. I love reading all those amazing teacher blogs out there, and I’m constantly on BlogLovin’ refreshing my page! So here I go again, this time with a new blog name to go along with my new grade! Hey, third time’s a charm, right?

I’ve been teaching PreK for the last two years, and due to some enrollment changes, I’m getting bumped up to second grade this year!! I couldn’t be more excited about it. As much as I loved teaching PreK (and I will miss those little munchkins!) I’m thrilled to be in a new place with a new grade. I have an awesome grade partner, which makes the switch that much easier.

But switching from PreK to 2nd?! Talk about a transition! I’m in the midst of getting my classroom ready and here’s what I have to work with…

My SMART board!! YAY!!!

I got to go for a few afternoons last week after my summer camp job, and I actually got quite a bit done! All of those boxes are unpacked, my awesome teacher-mom came in to help me for a while and organized all my books and put them on shelves! (A huge undertaking! I’ve got a library that wouldn’t make you think I was a third-year teacher!) I just have to tackle my desk area and then I get to do the fun stuff…DECORATE!

You’ll notice that there is a severe lack of desks in my room. Due to all the enrollment changes, a handful of teachers had to switch rooms this year, so we’re still figuring out where all the desks need to go. I hope I get mine soon!! J

I’ll leave you with a little story behind the name of my blog… my dad has called me Munchkin my whole life. In turn, I’ve called my students “my munchkins” since I started teaching. Anyway, my dad heard about Deanna Jump on CNN after she earned a million dollars on TpT and decided that this was the perfect name for my blog. So here it is. Munchkins, Inc.

Well…I guess that’s it for now! See you all around this week for Teacher Week over on BlogHoppin’! J


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