Let's Talk About Me! - Teacher Week 2013

Hello, Teacher Week 2013! I’ve lurked around Teacher Week for the last two years, but here I am this year, and I couldn’t be more excited about it!! So without further ado

10. My name is Emily and I’m a 20-something living and teaching in New England!

9. I taught PreK for two years and this year I’m movin’ on up to second grade! I teach at a little Catholic school in the town I grew up in and I LOVE my school (not to mention the 6-minute commute from my house)! I got my job teaching PreK there right out of college and I couldn’t be happier!

8. I’m a certified SCUBA diver and I have been since I was 14. I LOVE the ocean and all the creatures that live there!
Me diving in the Bahamas circa 2004

7. I could live off of caprese anything. Caprese salad, caprese paninisthere’s just something magical about that combination of tomatoes and fresh mozzarella!

6. I love Zumba® Fitness. I took my first class about two and a half years ago, and I was hooked! So hooked, in fact, that I got my instructor license in June of 2012 and then my Zumbatomic® license (Zumba® for kids!) in October of 2012. It’s my escape. It keeps my head on straight, especially after a crazy day at school!

Me teaching at a fundraiser for my summer camp a few weeks ago!

5. I love to sing! I sang in choirs in high school and a cappella in college (check out my awesome group Redline A Cappella on iTunes!) I don’t sing nearly as much as I’d like to anymore right now I’m confined to belting in my car!

4. In the summer, I work at a day camp for kids with special needs. My heart and soul live at this camp. For the last nine summers, I’ve spent 5-6 weeks playing, swimming, doing arts and crafts, singing, laughing and loving with “my kids.” They inspire me every single day.

3. I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. I thought I wanted to teach high school (history) for about twelve seconds but then I came to my senses and realized I belong with the munchkins! If I wasn’t a teacher (or working with kids, let’s be honest here) I think I’d be doing something scienc-y, like forensics or marine biology.

2. I have two half-siblingsmy brother and sister are twins! They’re 7 years younger than I am and I love them more than words can say. I’m super close with my little sister. People say we look more like twins than she and her actual twin do! She helps me in my classroom all the time and is always down for a fro-yo date when the craving strikes! I love her tons and I’m going to miss her SO much when she goes away to college next year!  
My beautiful sister and I before her prom back in May!

1. A few other things I love: Grey’s Anatomy, Washington, DC (where I went to college), summer time, anything chevron, my two dogs (a Yorkie and a Golden Retriever), Starbucks, cheese, reading, laminating things, Apple products, scrapbooking, polka dots and the colors blue and green.

Wellthat’s that! See you around tomorrow for Classroom Digs!! :o)

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