Five For Friday!

It's Friday already?! Where did the week go?! That means it's time for another Five For Friday, hosted by the lovely Doodlebugs Teaching!

On Monday, I handed out Scholastic Book Club catalogs. My kids usually like going through them, but they had I think 4 different catalogs stapled together this time - it's the last order of the year! They took some time during dismissal to go through them and circle all of the books they wanted for the summer. I love seeing them do this...especially the kids who were my most reluctant readers in the beginning of the year! :o)

Ben Franklin came to do a presentation at our school this week! He told us all about his inventions, and even played the glass harmonica for us! I thought he was very entertaining....the kids' favorite part though, was when he was mentioning books you could read about Ben Franklin, and he mentioned the "Who Is" series that they've been eating up all year! When he said it, you saw every single second grader's face light up!

I got a Gerber daisy (my favorite flower!!) and a sweet little note from a student for teacher appreciation week. This little one was new to our school this year, and she said how much she loves our school and loves 2nd grade!! Warms my heart!

Of course, I had to squeeze in one final purchase before the big sale on TpT was over!! I got some great stuff!! Among them, Amy Lemons' multiplication pack, Babbling Abby's Busy Bodies and Charlotte's Web packs, and Hope King's end of the year writing! I can't wait to use them!!

Last but not least, our mother's day projects! The kiddos wrote letters to their mamas about the things they love about them, and we're going to attach these pictures to the top! I may have them do a portrait of their moms too, to attach to the front and do it in a card-like fashion? I got some Pinspiration for it here! I LOVE the way the came out, and I can't wait for their mamas to see them!

Unfortunately, I won't be at school today to see the finished product before it goes home. I spent the morning at the walk-in clinic today, since my doctor couldn't squeeze me in. Guess who has pink eye? This girl. :( The doctor said I couldn't go back to work until I'd been on drops for 24 hours....and I didn't get to see anyone until about 10:30 AM....AND the doctor was actually a parent in my class, so it's not like I can even fudge it and say it was only a couple of hours. Oh well...I can't complain about a forced four-day weekend!

At least I won't be contagious by Saturday morning! I'm spending the morning at a unified sports program that my town runs for kids with special needs. Almost all the kids who go to this program are kids that I work with at my camp all summer, so I LOVE going to see my little love bugs!! I get to just play with them, and it's a blast!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! Happy Friday! :o)


  1. Love your Mother's Day project! Very cute!

  2. My favorite thing about Book Club order forms is how many items kids will pick out! They always seem to think mom will buy ALL of it! So sorry about your pink eye- yuck! I am also so glad you found the sale at TpT great! I bought some things too- can't resist those bargains!

    Happy Five for Friday!
    Teachers Are Terrific!


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