It's HERE!!!

SUMMER VACATION IS HERE!!! I couldn't be more thrilled!! We had a blast together in our last couple weeks with a ten-day countdown, some fun activities thanks to TpT and the bloggy world, and just enjoying each other the last few days! BUT more on that in the coming weeks!

So how did I celebrate my first hours of summer vacation?
By heading directly to Scholastic's warehouse sale, of course! My grade partner (Sara at Frampton's Fundamentals) and I skidaddled out of school and up to the warehouse! I got 43 books for $79!!! Can't beat Scholastic!! Quite a variety too, tons of picture books, some leveled readers (Step Into Reading series and the like) and some new chapter books! Nothing like ending the school year by getting ready for the next :)

I told myself I WON'T go back into my classroom tomorrow! I'm going to give myself one day of complete removal before I go back to finish up packing up, cleaning, etc. The forecast calls for some beautiful weather tomorrow, so I'll be at the beach with a book!

HAPPY SUMMER! And to those still going - the end is in sight!!

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  1. I have ridden by the Scholastic store in NYC many times on the double-decker bus when I've visited, but never gone in. Someday I will get there though........and my bank account will be drained! Love your blog and am now a follower! I am jealous of your beach life!


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