Currently - July

Linking up with Farley for her monthly currently today! A little late in the game, but hey, better late than never?

Listening - I've been on a Disney kick lately! They're especially fun to sing in the car!

Loving - Ocean Spray came out with a new cranberry lemonade and it's just about the tastiest thing I've ever had! Cut it with a little seltzer and it's delicious! We just turned the AC on, so I'm here on my laptop in the AC, with my cran-lemonade, and happy as a clam that I have nowhere to be until Monday!

Thinking - Loving my lazy summer days, but I better get cracking with all the work I brought home to do! I start my camp counselor job on Monday, so that limits my hours because I have 5 weeks of camp, then 2 weeks before we go back....and we ALL know what those 2 weeks are spent doing!!

Wanting - A sweet treat! I'm dying for an ice cream or ice pop!

Needing/4th Plans - Every 4th of July I head down to my beach with friends and family and enjoy the sun and some snacks and then I end up somewhere barbeque-ing, but Hurricane Arthur has different plans! We're not supposed to get directly hit but we are supposed to get some pretty heavy rain!!  :o(

Last, I'm part of Sara's birthday giveaway over at Frampton's Fundamentals! Head over there and check it out! Over $50 in prizes, including some from Melonheadz!!


  1. I'm envious, I wish I was close enough to the beach to spend the 4th there. Hope the rain misses you.
    If you figure out how to get motivated on that work you brought home let me know, I need to get motivated, also!

  2. Girl...I am so with you on getting motivated. I was thinking I was cruising along just fine, and then BAM! July was here! Hope you have a great 4th. Found you over at Farley's!


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